About C’était où ? C’était quand ? / La Conserverie

About C’était où ? C’était quand ?
As the name intends to make clear, this association offers a meeting place dedicated to the family photo – that image we all treasure, which, like a favourite old misshapen jumper, grew up with you. The picture that evokes past emotions and which, because of its popularity, becomes a complex symbol of our collective memory. We cannot completely grasp the sense of its message to us, nor what it represents. According to Michel Frizot, they “go beyond their own lines”. They reflect our collective imagination. Thanks to them, the door to our emotional memory remains half-open. Here, we can invite ourselves to that Birthday party, that wedding day or to ride down that slope on the sledge. We found ourselves sitting there, at that Sunday lunch, where we can almost smell the food in the dishes on the table.
The family portrait album doesn’t teach any lessons, doesn’t look too far ahead, and doesn’t judge. The protagonists are merely standing in what is their present day, oblivious to what happens on the next page or in their own future. The album is just there, lying, on a shelf or at the bottom of a box, open or closed.
Without interest since it already belongs to the past.
C’était où ? C’était quand ? wants to feel the kindness on the expressions of those people towards the person hidden behind the camera lens. We want to understand the intentions, the evidence of these traces of life, the numerous bits and pieces of a past present day, which together write a part of history.
The organisation C’était où ? C’était quand ? was founded by the photographer Anne Delrez in July 2008.
It has its home at LA CONSERVERIE
LA CONSERVERIE is the Conservatoire National de l’Album de Famille – family portrait national conservation
Conservatoire comes from “conserver”, which means to preserve for a long period of time, something precious so it can live forever, delighting our eyes and our olfactory senses as we examine photographs taken by strangers or amateur photographers.
National: means it is open to everyone and for everyone.
Album de famille: means it is a unique story. Born from the desire to show, leave a part of one’s story in History. It represents the life of a family. It is also the starting point of contemporary creation and of the reflection on everyday photography.
La Conserverie is
a place to exhibit unique pieces of work by artists, cooperatives, historians. We are willing to offer a contemporary approach.
a resource centre for amateur photography where you can read or borrow novels, artists’ books, essays, DVDs and special publications.
a library offering a selection of books, post cards, games and others small items linked to vernacular photography.